The Austin Freeway & Wolseley 24/80 duo were released in the early 1960's when space exploration was an exciting new frontier, you don't have to look far to see that some of the space excitement made it's way into advertising these cars. The "Blue Streak Six" engine that powers these cars being named after the "Blue Streak" rocket that was being tested at the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia at that time.

Paint colour names such as "Astro Grey", and space imagery appearing in some of the advertising literature.

Documents from the Dealer & Press Conventions 

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Make way for the Austin Freeway.....

They even wrote a song about it! This is the jingle played at the official media and dealership launch of the Austin Freeway.

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The new BMC Austin Freeway brochure
Magnificent 24/80 brochure
Freeway accessories brochure
BMC dealer accessory selling guide

Wolseley 24/80
Cinema Advert

BMC accessories brochure
BMC accessories brochure

Period Magazine Articles

The Blue Streak Six engine was named after the Blue Streak ballistic missile.

This is an interesting short Newsreel from 1965 of a Blue Streak rocket being tested at the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia.

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