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BMC Australia Paint Colours

As the paint that was used on Australian assembled cars was sourced locally, the colours used on Australian cars are different to those from the UK. Details of the paint type and colour can be found on the compliance plate which is attached in the engine bay just above the car battery.

The paint colour name was prefixed with a single digit representing the paint type:
1 - Enamel
3 - Laquer
4 - Acrylic Enamel

The paint colour name was also followed by another single digit representing the paint manufacturer:
1 - BALM
2 - Lusteroid
3 - Berger
4 - Brolite
5 - Taubman
6 - Spartan 

Following is a complete set of Balm Paint chips for the years 1963 - 67 for the BMC Australia product range. It must be remembered that the BMC product range covered a number of marques such as Austin, Austin-Healey, Morris, MG, Wolseley, etc.. and that not all of these colours ended up on Freeway's and 24/80's. Balm Paints became Dulux and around 1999 Dulux sold their Automotive and Refinish paint sections to PPG. Each of the colours has a numeric code associated with it, by adding a preceeding zero to a code, that code is still recognised by PPG distributors. Click on any of the following links to see a page of colour chips (Note: due to differences in computer monitors the colours may not be displayed exact on your screen):

1963 - 67: Acacia - Marine Blue
1963 - 67: Moss Green - Twilight Grey
Wolseley 24/80 Colour Finishes

Service bulletins were confidential documents issued to BMC dealerships & service centres only. They contained technical information that often went far beyond what was covered in a regular workshop manual. The information contained in most of these bulletins is just as uselful to enthusiasts today as when it was originally released.

Overview of BMC Service Bulletins
C.160 - Lubrication of Bonnet Release Mechanism & Safety Catch
C.196 - Gearchange Linkage Adjustment
C.203 - Radiator Side Extension Reinforcement
C.204 - Front Seat Adjuster Stop
C.205 - Carburetter Jets
C.206 - Station Wagon Tailgate Sealing
C.207 - Accelerator Pedal Bending
C.208 - Steering Box
C.214 - Gear Change Linkage and Gearbox
C.215 - Steering Box
C.216 - Engine Oil Consumption and Leakage
C.217 - Cooling System
C.218 - Pressurised Cooling System
C.226 - Automatic Transmission
C.228 - 1st/Reverse Gear and 3rd Motion Shaft
C.230 - Heavy Clutch Pedal Effort
C.235 - Brake Pipe Position
C.242 - Mud Penetration - Converter Housing
C.244 - Automatic Transmission Fluids
C.245A - Important Modifications Recently Introduced
C.246 - Mud Penetration - Brake Drums
C.247 - Oil Leakage
C.252 - Windscreen Wiper Performance
C.255 - Steering Gear Assembly
C.256 - Service Instructions for R.V.B. "Supermite" Horns
C.260 - Clutch Cover Assembly
C.261A - Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders
C.276 - Windscreen Sealing
C.288 - Throttle Dashpot (Automatic Transmission)
GEN.44 - Lubrication B Series Gearbox
GEN.49 - The Cleaning of Vynex
GEN.54 - S.U. Electric Fuel Pumps
GEN.56 - Bearing Lubrication - Non-drive Hubs
ST.17 - Service Tools for Borg-Warner Automatic Transmission
ST.18 - Basic Tool Kit Conversion
ST.19 - Oil Filter Removal
ST.20 - Service Tools correction
Christmas 1962
S.L.S. 50 - Introduction Mk. II Model
C.16/65 - Screws for centre support and plug assembly
C.17/65 - Inhinitor Switch Boss on Transmission Case
C.30/65 - Introduction of Mechanical Fuel Pumps
C51.65 - Carburation Instability Under Road Load Conditions
C.13/66 - Access Hole - Rear Brake Band Adjustment - Model 35 Automatic Transmission
C.21/66 - Bearing Lubrication Non Drive Hubs
C.26/66 - Cooling Systems
C.45/66 - Automatic Transmission Fluids


Do you have any Service Bulletins that are missing from the above list?
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Other Documents & Brochures

Automatic Transmission (2.3Mb)
General Data - from Drivers Handbook (0.5Mb)
Smiths Electric Clock
Austin Freeway & Wolslely 24/80 Schedule of Repair Times (7.1Mb)
Borg Warner 35 Schedule of Repair Times (4.5Mb)
Lucas Generator and Control Box Tests (0.8Mb)
Fastener Decode Booklet for BMC Vehicles (0.6Mb)

Owner Submitted Technical Tips

Common Rust Areas
Brakes - Getting all the air out of your system


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